Consolas!!! GRRRRRR

Why oh why does everyone and their Dad now use Consolas???
Am I the only one that perceives the font as ‘fuzzy’? I’ve read quite a few blogs recently loving the Consolas font such as Coding Horror, and as far as I’m aware – it was made to be a programmers font. But in the examples I’ve seen they’re always font size 11+. Now – I code in a font size of 8 – and to me – this makes Consolas fuzzy (see pictures below)

LINQPad in Consolas:
Consolas Font

LINQPad in OCR A Extended:
OCR A Extended

Is it just me who sees this???

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  1. Yup, my cleartype is tuned. But I still find the font on sites like CodingHorror to be hard to read. If it’s a long article I usually have to ‘zoom’ in to be able to read it without hurting my eyes (and no – my eyes are fine :)).

    Maybe I just prefer the clear cut lines of OCR etc…


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